Boulder Problems

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Conjugal Visit Sit Start

V10 boulder problem at Prison Boulder


Climber Grade Quality Try FA Comment Date
Justin Sanford V10 redpoint FA Finally wrote off this extension into "Conjugal Visit". Not sure if the V10 grade will hold up, need more people to repeat the problem for some additional consensus but by far the most work I have put into a boulder problem to date. Will be a solid V9 at the bare minimum. over 5 years ago
attempt The same sit start for "Pot of Gold" can be used as a sit start to "Conjugal Visit". These additional 8 or so moves into the original stand start will add a few V-grades and in my opinion puts this climbs around the V10 mark. Again, i've done this numerous times from one move in on the sit start, just waiting for my skin to grow back for the heinous pinky lock to start the 20+ move problem. over 5 years ago


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