Boulder Problems

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Two Plus Four

V2 boulder problem at Nine Corners


Climber Grade Quality Try FA Comment Date
Zac Wasielewski V1 repeat I finally figured out some proper, elegant beta for this problem, and now its V1 grade feels appropriate. One of the most underrated easy gems at Nine Corners. 11 months ago
repeat So easy when the rock is sticky. over 3 years ago
repeat Incredibly proud of Heather for sending this today — it's not easy being short! over 3 years ago
repeat Dayflash. Soggy and damp conditions, but this was dry and went easier than ever before. almost 4 years ago
repeat Maybe this problem just doesn't play to my strengths, but after another repeat, I feel like a grade of V2 is fair, especially for the shorter folks. almost 6 years ago
redpoint almost 7 years ago
Heather Janicki V2 redpoint This was a fun problem! It's a little bit of a stretch for me! over 3 years ago
Andrew Cieply V1 repeat First time out this season, trying to get in as much movement as possible by repeating all the easy stuff! about 4 years ago
redpoint Interesting line, more fun on the bottom half where there's actually some figuring out to do.
BrianG V0 flash over 6 years ago


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