Boulder Problems

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V11 boulder problem at Nine Corners


Climber Grade Quality Try FA Comment Date
Andrew Cieply attempt Best attempt ever. Got through the pinch/gaston. Now I know it'll go for me, just gotta get out and get at it! Snow... please stay away this fall... about 4 years ago
attempt Solid work today. 75 degrees, humid, and mosquitos on the attack. Still managed to do the big right hand reach (third move) and the last hard move (right hand pinch to edge) -- both on multiple attempts. Felt good to try hard. Gotta keep at it. over 4 years ago
attempt Well, felt better today than ever, still a long way to go though. It'll happen someday, just not sure when. about 5 years ago
attempt Progress! Finally! Figured out the second crux move (right hand bump from pinch/gaston to edge). I'm finally getting better at using my feet I think. Figured out how to hang a bit lower on the holds, put more weight on my right toe, and use that to get my hips in more. Made a big difference! So awesome. Progress is not coming fast on this, so I'll take anything I can get. over 5 years ago
attempt Still a long way from sending this, but feeling pretty encouraged! I got from the start to the gaston twice today, which is pretty much my best performance ever. If things click I might just be able send it this fall. over 5 years ago
attempt I want this more than any other line at Nine. So freaking hard. I can consistently get to the high edge, but have trouble bumping over to the gaston -- I can usually get to it, but not in a strong enough position to move on it. Once I figure that out though, the prob should go. 3 or 4 solid work sessions might do it. I think that's realistic. Stay away winter! about 6 years ago


Start as for Thorazine. Climb up and right to the far arete. Top out the arete (as for Heart Attack Man).


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